First aid with the help of the Bach Flowers ESTRATTO UNIVERSALE®

The action of the Estratto Universale®

The Estratto Universale is a very useful remedy, especially in emergency cases and other difficult situations; as a first aid treatment, it normally acts very quickly.
Although theEstratto Universale® can be employed under several different circumstances, it should not be considered as a panacea, and should even less replace standard medical care. It can be used to restore the emotional and psychological balance in such situations where strain is not too serious, or in critical situations before and after administering other products.
Like Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hahnemann, Dr Bach was aware that good health depends on the harmony between the spiritual, mental and emotional factors.
The effects of a clash between these factors easily turn into negative moods and thoughts, to which anybody falls victim every now and then. As Bach understood, they, in turn, can damage our body, and bereave it of its force and vitality. This way they can block the vital force, which is necessary to our being. Harmony can only be restored, and true recovery ensured, if we open a way to this indispensable flow of life.
Nonetheless, and with great perspicacity, Dr Bach noticed that diseases also play a beneficial role, as a means by which our soul shows us where we are wrong, and gives us a chance to purge ourselves.
The Estratto Universale® should always be within everybody’s reach, both in the surgeries of healthcare professionals and in the first aid kit, which we all should keep at home and in our cars.

Dr Edward Bach: a pioneer of recovery

Dr Bach’s basic principle - that is, curing the ill, not the illness - became the foundation of his care system: diseases are the result of a clash between a person’s mental and physical conditions; in other words, they are the physical expression of a negative state of mind.
Bach acknowledged that a deep disharmony in the patient, for example disguised as concern, anxiety or impatience, weakens his vitality up to a point, in which his body loses its natural defences and becomes vulnerable to infections and other illnesses.
According to his philosophy, health is the state of perfect harmony between soul, mind and body; disease is the result of a lack of harmony between them.
When we fail to follow our soul’s suggestions, such as our intuitions and the knowledge of what is “good”, our resistive attitude favours diseases to set in; at the same time, for how paradoxical this may seem, we start a recovery process, because diseases warn us not to persist in performing wrong deeds.
Complete recovery, said Dr Bach, depends on the following factors:

  • The inner awareness of our capability to overcome the disease.
  • The acknowledgement of the fact that our disease is due to disharmony between our personality and our soul.
  • Our will and ability to unveil the shortcoming that gave rise to the conflict.
  • The removal of that shortcoming, which is obtained by developing its opposite virtue.

Bach was firmly persuaded that achieving good health requires willingness to change.
Nature can in no way harm us when we experience happiness and complete harmony. In referring to his remedies, Bach wrote: " They are able… to wake our true nature, and to lead us nearer our souls…They cure, not by attacking our illness, but by infusing our bodies with the marvellous vibrations of our Ultimate Nature, in whose presence diseases are washed out..."
In light of the peace and inner harmony which he himself experienced as he was immersed in nature, Bach inferred that the source of any improvement of our states of mind, whose negativeness causes diseases, was to be found in plants, trees and wild herbs.
Di Leo’s Herbal Lab still prepares the Bach Flowers the same way Dr Bach did; and naturalness is still the key of this recovery system.

The Estratto Universale®: Dr Bach’s “rescue remedy”

ESTRATTO UNIVERSALE® is a trademark of the LABORATORIO ERBORISTICO DI LEO. Its formula is the same used by Dr Edward Bach to prepare his original “rescue remedy”.
Dr Bach chose this denomination to point out the remedy’s most important action, that is, to calm and stabilize emotions during crises.
The Estratto Universale® is made of the five following floral remedies:
Impatiens: in cases of impatience, irritability, and anxiety, often coupled with strain. Such conditions can often cause muscular tension and pain.
Clematis: in the presence of states of unconsciousness, and feelings of alienation, fainting and estrangement often following traumas.
Rock Rose: when patients suffer from terror, panic and hysteria.
Cherry Plum: for patients fearing to lose both physical and mental control.
Star of Bethlehem: for both shocks and traumas.

How to employ the Estratto Universale®

The Estratto Universale® is available in the form of a concentrated fluid.
It can be used both pure and combined with other Bach Flowers. Moreover, it has proven particularly effective when combined with other remedies and therapeutical methods, such as chiropractic, massage or dental treatment.
Many experiences confirm that the Estratto Universale® is completely non-toxic, does not cause toleration and has no side effects. Nonetheless, it is right and fair to point out that it should not be considered as a panacea, and it cannot replace first aid medical care.
In such serious situations as accidents, it is indispensable to immediately call a doctor or an ambulance.
The Estratto Universale® has a calming and stabilizing effect in a wide range of strain situations including nervousness, anxiety and stress springing from depression, intense frights, hysteria, anguish and despair.
The Estratto Universale® also helps ease less acute strains, e.g. those felt when facing lively discussions, standing tests, holding speeches or tackling job interviews.

Instructions for use

Internal use:
Take four drops directly under the tongue, 4 times a day or more often, or take four drops every 5 minutes in emergency cases.
If the patient is alcohol-sensitive, it is necessary to dilute the remedy with water. It is also possible to add the drops to a teaspoonful of water. Keep the fluid in the mouth for some seconds before swallowing it.
When the patient is unable to drink:
- Rub some drops of the concentrated remedy directly on his lips, behind his ears, on his wrists or anxiety spot. This part of the body, located in the hollow between pollex and index, has long been acknowledged by Chinese traditional medicine and acupuncture as the point where anxiety and pain originate. Its professional manipulation helps stimulating the production of endorphins, thus acting as both a “painkiller” (anaesthetic) and a tranquillizer.

External use :
The Estratto Universale® has proven particularly effective when applied on contusions coupled with swelling, on sprains, scratches, insect stings, non-serious inflammations and quite surfacial cuts. It reaches its highest degree of effectiveness in reducing the stiffness of muscles,
when employed in the following way:
- Apply with a gentle massage on the affected area.
Repeat the application any time it is required and continue the treatment for a short period after reaching an improvement in the patient’s conditions.

Examples: the employment of the remedy from therapists and common consumers

The multiple uses and effectiveness of the Estratto Universale® are documented by the experience of the therapists who have prescribed them, and even more straight-forward by the testimonials of their users.
The Estratto Universale® has been used and tested in the following typologies of cases:
Hysteria and grief
Emotional and psychological shock, or physical trauma, caused by an accident
Against anxiety and fear
To make one’s mind clearer or to develop the potentials and positive features of individuals
To calm children’s small crises: fits of crying and irritability
To calm down hyper-active children
To calm down quick-tempered children
It relieves the tension, which can precede an injection or medical examinations
Skin-diseases and allergies of psychosomatic origin (depression)
Imbalance in the temporal-mandibular joint affecting a patient’s jaw, often due to muscular tension
Fits of hysteria
Fits of asthma
Aid to the families of terminally ill patients
Emotional crises
Physical difficulties
Its ability to relieve tension in critical moments makes it apt to help both women in labour and the other people involved in deliveries; it can also be employed to help babies overcome the birth shock (apply it with a gentle massage on the baby’s wrists, temples, nape of the neck, or around his/her navel)
During operations affecting the cephalic area or in other mechanical actions:
To minimize the physiological, mental and emotional tension which often characterizes manipulation sessions
To cheer up elderly people living alone and relieve any kind of strain
Intense pain due to emotional strains
It helps people to set the focus on problems, to follow the doctor’s instructions, and to relax, so that the recovery process can set forth
In applied kinesipathy, it helps improving the muscular functionalities, and improves the effectiveness of other therapies
It has a subtle psychotherapeutical action on the patient’s subconscious
As an initial treatment of anxiety, and conditions of intense strain both physical and psychic
It relieves tension before school or driving tests
Suitable for women who are particularly tense and nervous at the idea of or in the days preceding delivery
Before and after dental operations
In cases of allergies, or concern in adults and children
It acts as an effective antidepressant, sedative and tranquillizer
Family crises
External use: bruises, contusions, sprains, swellings, serious wounds, cuts, and so on.
Suitable for massages in case of aching joints

Emergency cases and immediate aid

Irritation, itch and swelling due to any kind of insect sting
Sea- and carsickness
Alcoholism-related troubles: trembling, deliria and loss of control
It revives patients suffering from weariness and mental depression
Loss of consciousness
Stunned condition and nausea following a serious cut on the patient’s pollex (both external and internal –oral – use, in drops)
It heals cuts and bruises
To mend eyes gone puffy as a reaction to a cream
Pain and throbbing due to a hammer blow on the patient’s pollex
To massage feet worn out by walking, which have become swollen and aching
To attend a bleeding wound on the patient’s lower lip
It gives the energy necessary to achieve a very hard climb
Bad cut to a finger
When children are not able to swallow the drops due to screaming, it is possible to rub them behind their ears
Burns inside the patient’s mouth
Trauma due to electric shock
Runners can rub it on their knees, thighs and muscles in general to relieve recurrent pain and minimize the stiffness of muscles.

Situations of psychological and emotional strain

Non-clinical anxiety, nervousness, panic and depression
Stress caused by dental examinations, tests, bad news, and accidents
To calm inner panic unleashed by the news of a malignant tumour
Intense grief due to mourning (take every two hours)
Bracing properties during convalescence (4 drops, 4 times a day) – particularly effective for elderly people
Addictions to drugs
Addiction to nicotine
To achieve better self-respect and sense of well-being
Fits of panic before appearances
Fright during flights
Nervous breakdown, troubles related to the functionality of the suprarenal glands, conditions of Hypoglycaemia, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and fits of panic
To improve growth and better self-knowledge
Delicacy and easy commotion
Fits of anger
Shock due to the breaking-up of a relationship (marriage or engagement)
The shock of a young boy who started to show symptoms of unease and fear following the news of his parent’s divorce
The shock of a young girl when she had her first menstruation
Removal-related weariness and confusion
Nervousness before speaking in public
To help people after the death of a close relative
To help actresses who must abruptly change scene and display a completely different mood
The case of a victim of rape who could hardly remember what had happened
To calm anxiety before standing a test, or speaking and playing in public
Before meditating
Episodic occurrences of enuresis (at night)
Children’s quarrels with fits of crying
Anxiety and dizziness felt after quitting smoking

Pregnancy and delivery

Inexplicable illness in a six-weeks old female baby
Difficulties in breathing of a newborn baby rescued from his umbilical cord, which was twisted around his neck (some drops were on his face)
Small convulsions, and the signs of imminent labour
High temperature in children
Facilitated delivery
Bad feelings regarding delivery
At the beginning of labour - nervousness
Post-partum depression
Children’s colics (3 drops in a teaspoonful of warm water)
To ensure quicker labour and help babies sleep all night long
The use of the Multipurpose Extract diluted with water in the delivery room improves consciousness between contractions
It favours an unexpected force when the woman pushes
First vaccination of a two months old female child: massage the Estratto Universale® on the spot of the injection and then administer it orally during the day

Acute and chronic cases

A person who drank and smoked a lot and was affected by chronic depression
Hypoglycaemia and food allergies: to relieve the stress brought by during acute episodes, particularly when the patient had swallowed the substances to which he was allergic
Allergic reactions due to pollution and cats: itchy eyes, sneezes and retching
A fit of sinusitis with congestion and pain: put a diluted dose of Estratto Universale® into the palm of a hand, and let the patient inhale it (albeit unpleasant, it proved effective)
Preparation to a crucial cardiac operation; after it, the recovery was quick and extraordinary
To improve the quickness of recovery
The case of an athlete who run a 42 km long marathon without feeling pain, numbness, or swelling Pain and cramps of the menstrual cycle (drops diluted with water)
External use :
Nails that curve and break easily

Veterinary use

Out of several hundreds experiences, some of the most outstanding and moving witness animals in the leading role.
The remedy can be administered orally, by adding four drops of Estratto Universale® to water or food or by pouring it directly on or into the animal’s mouth. The typical circumstances under which the Estratto Universale® if effective are accidents, pre- and post- surgical operations and deliveries. Ten drops dissolved in a bucketful of water have proven highly beneficial in all such cases involving big animals such as cows and horses.
If the animal is shocked or unconscious, it is possible to dilute the Estratto Universale® with a little water or rub it on or in the animal’s mouth or beak, behind its ears or on other fleshy parts of its body.
The remedy does not interfere with other medical treatments or therapies.

Testimonials of vets and pet owners:

Dogs: shock following accidents and wounds, or preceding surgical operations and teeth extractions. The remedy relieves anxiety, calms down the pets and makes it easier to administer anaesthetics. It also helps healing bites and stings.
For pups born with a partus caesarius, the remedy compensates the depressant components of the anaesthetics injected to mothers
Collapse of a young pet during a sudden crisis
Relief of the fear, panic and unconsciousness following entrapment (foxes, badgers and deers)
It minimizes the shock and nervousness of birds captured and caged
For pets suffering from emotional shocks and various kinds of neurotic behaviour
The case of a she-cat with a tick behind an ear: drops on the parasite’s body and directly into the cat’s bowl

Botanical use

Besides human beings and animals, Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies and his Estratto Universale® prove highly beneficial on plants.
It has been proven that plants, just like human beings and animals, often suffer from weaknesses caused by environmental and systemic problems.
Not surprisingly, hence, the Estratto Universale® has been used to relief replantation – related traumas of cut flowers and seriously damaged trees. Pouring or nebulizing ten drops dissolved in water every day or on alternate days at regular intervals will help minimize the shock and revive the plant. Adding five or ten drops of Estratto Universale® to the sprinkling water at the moment of sowing or during ripening has yielded better crops by eliminating a source of possible shocks.
For fragile or withering plants, or plants affected by parasites.
For plants, which have suffered due to winter frosts


The various experiences testify that the Estratto Universale® has been widely employed in the recent ten years, as an inestimable aid, and that its use is completely safe and free from side effects.